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Caring For Tudung

1. We recommend that you wash the Tudung by hand using a soft detergent, followed by the use of softener.

2. When washing clothes do not mix with the other Tudung.

3. Do not sunbathe at the place too hot, just enough hints in the shade.

4. We recommend hanging the Tudung when storing.

5. Avoid wearing a Tudung when hair is still wet

Sunday, August 1, 2010


All style Tudung ariani sold in the

guaranteed quality and made of lycra material grade A.

Prices are based on material and size of the Tudung.

the Tudung is very comfortable;)

No details on the awning Velvet @ Sulam
size based on the trailing face of the Tudung
appropriate to make the Tudung RAYA =)

All of Syria in the Tudung guaranteed quality and made of lycra grade A.

Besides quality, we also sell at a very reasonable and affordable for all people =)

Prices based on size and material.

Various types of material shawl can be found in the

Such as jojet, cotton, polyester, polyester, silk, viscose, lycra ~

Each material will be written in the picture =)

Price per shawl based material